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This article describes the Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 program installation Error code 0-9 solutions. It was found that so many users were having trouble repairing or installing office 365 programs on their Windows and Mac computers. Most of the issues are due to the Office365/2021 licensingWindows updates, insufficient system resources like disk space, internet connectivity, etc. So, it is providing the solutions for different kinds of office 2021/2019 installation program issues related to office 365 program Error code 0-9.

Analyze Your Computer to Fix Microsoft Office 365/2021 Error Code 0-9: –


There are a few ironically shown Microsoft Office 365/2021 installation Error code 0-9 which requires immediate action. There will be a log for every action on your system that records all the events. It is termed as an Event viewer. This is a Windows Inbuilt Office 365 program under system tools, it provides all the information for the problem-causing keys.


This could be due to the failure with your Windows-related services and the executable office file is unable to read the required files when you try installing Office. There may be issues with the start-up office programs which can be checked under System Configuration.

Perform System office File SFC Scan: –

System files are scanned in short SFC scan is Windows inbuilt Office 365 program to fix altered/modified and damaged files of the operating system. It can fix several updates, failures, and other violations done by several mismatched office files.

To Run the system office file scan in your Windows operating system, first Open the command prompt (CMD) in admin mode and run the command SFC/SCANNOW


Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 installation program Error code 0-9 also can be fixed with this scan if they are not damaged much. If you see any office file violations still exist after the scan, then move to the Event viewer to check what has caused the Office 365/2021 program error code 0-9.



 How To Use Event Viewer to Check Office 365/2021/2019 Error code 0-9 Logs: –

Initially, it is important to understand how the event viewer works. Event viewer is an inbuilt feature of the Windows Operating system to register the logs of your office programs. In case of any errors or failures on any office 365 /2021/2019 program, the event viewer supports you to open and check the event logs during such incidents. These logs will notate the failure reasons and can show you the troubled office 365/ 2021 installation program error code 0-9.

msconfig in run


Thus, these event logs can be analyzed by a technician to assist you properly on your computers. If a technician. This event viewer shows the logs in different types like critical, information or Microsoft 365 Installation error 0-9.


1.     Press k on the start button.

2.     Type “RUN” and open the Run command prompt.

3.     Type “EVENT VIEWER” and click enter key to open Event viewer logs.

5.     Double click on “windows logs” from the left-side panel and select “application “.

5.     Now you can see many logs in the Centre panel.

6.     Filter the logs to find office related issues and warnings by selecting Filter current log option from the Right-side panel.

If you can’t find any reasons for these issues, then just take a chance to do a clean-up office installation to save your time.



Steps To Fix the Microsoft office 365/2021/2019 program installation Error Code 0-9: –

Sometimes offices won’t install due to several reasons like internet connectivity, dependencies for the product or any virus that affected your computer office files etc. Then you must do a clean-up office 365 installation by removing traces of office 365/2019 program files from previous versions or by multiple office installation trails by you due to several errors.

Repair/Uninstall Office 365/2019/2021 installation Program: –

Applies To: Office 2019, for business, Office 365 Admin, Office 365 Small Business Admin, Office 2021

The following steps explain how to uninstall Office 2019 or 2021 products on a PC (laptop, desktop, or 2-in-1). For other versions of Office programs, including Office 2019 for Mac, or older versions of an Office, see the section, Uninstall Office for Mac, Office 2021, or Office 2019 below. Try uninstalling Office using the Control Panel first. If it is not working, use the easy fix tool or try to uninstall the Office program manually.

For Windows 10 Windows 11: –

Go to control panel from start button,

Select Programs and features there to reach a list of installed office programs on your computer. (In windows 10/11 you can just type “programs and features in the Cortana search bar beside windows10 start logo)

From the list, search for Microsoft Office 365/2019/2021 products and press on Change.

A window will open like here showing Add, Repair, Delete options.

Then proceed with repair and wait for some time. Once the repair is successful you are ready to use Microsoft office 365/2019 products again.

To uninstall following the first 4 steps from the repair process and choose to Delete instead of repair.

IMPORTANT. It is impossible to uninstall office 365/2019 installation program applications (word, excel, publisher etc) individually from total office 365/2019 products. The only way to uninstall an individual app is if you purchased it as a stand-alone versions.

Installing Office 365/2019 Product: –

Once you have done the uninstallation process, now do a clean -up office 365/2019 program installation.

Login to your Microsoft office account

Go to your dashboard to see the office 365/2019 product you purchased.

Select “Install Office “option and then let it download, (you may see press Save, Run, Setup, or Save File depends on browser type, select “save” for future purpose)

Go to downloads in your computer and double press on the office setup file to install.

If the Microsoft 365 installation Error code 0-9 persists, then try an advanced registry fix if you are familiar with it.

Windows Registry Fix Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 Error code 0-9

The registry fix in Windows is a console that shows the structure of your Windows Operating system and its internal office 365/2021/2019 programs. The Hex codes inside the registry may change due to some unwanted conflicting office programs which use the same resources.

To fix the Microsoft office 365/2021/2019 installation program error code 0-9 in office 365/2010/2016/2021 you need to delete the altered Office Registry keys or remove and re-create the keys with previous values. (HEX CODE or H-KEYS).

Note: Don’t do Registry fix changes if you are not aware of the structure as it damages applications with one single change. Sometimes it damages your computer operating system.

Microsoft Office 365/2021 Error Code 0-9 Returns Following Error Messages:

Something went wrong Error code 0-9 Go online for additional support.

Office is Busy, there is a problem starting the Office 365 program Installation.

We are sorry, but we are unable to start your office installation program.

Sorry office program installation can’t continue because no compatible office 365 products are detected.

We are sorry, but we can’t verify the signature of office files required to install your office 365 product.

Internet connection needed for Microsoft Office 365 installation error code 0-9.

Background office installation ran into a problem.

Something went wrong Error code 0-9 Go online for additional support: –

When the operating system is unable to add or delete the office 365 products that you are requesting, it requests you to verify the office files signature that are required to install the office 365/2019 product. Usually, this error code 300XX, 1xxx series depends on the cause of the office issue.

error code 0-9

Office is Busy, there is a problem starting the Office 365/2021 program Installation: –

It occurs when you try to open any office installation programs like word, excel etc., and the office is already in progress. It gives a message “we are either updating or helping you or remove some programs.

error code 0-9

We are sorry, but we are unable to start your office 365 installation program: –

Unable to open an office 365 program is a common error code 0-9 in a windows operating system that is caused due to failed services of an office 2021 installation program. If Windows Installer services are not found working, then you cannot install an Office 365/2021 product.

Sorry office installation can’t be continued because no compatible office 365 products are detected: –

A Microsoft Windows Operating system is released in two different types of bit versions depending on the hardware architecture such as 32 and 64. It is required to install relevant versions of the office suitable for the Windows Operating systems. In this case if any mismatched versions are selected, you can see this office 365/2019 installation Error code 0-9 message that says no compatible office 365 products are detected.

We are sorry, but we can’t verify the signature of office files required to install your office 365/2019 product: –

An Office 365/2019 product is available in different forms like a disc or a press to run. In case of a disc failure, you might see this office 2019 installation program error code 0-9 message which says signatures of office files are required to install the office product.

Unable to can’t verify signature of office files.

Internet connection needed for Microsoft Office 365/2019 Error code 0-9: –

The Internet is one of the requirements for doing office press to run the office 365/2019 program installation. If there are any intermittent connections, your system may not respond correctly, and it may cause different issues with office program installation or windows updates. This will in turn fail your office 365/2019/2021 program installation program to start and work correctly.

Also, Installation of Microsoft Office requires an internet connection depending on the version. The latest Microsoft Office 365/2021 suite comes with a press to run version which is a small setup file when you press on it, that would start the office 365 installation by downloading all the required files for the office 365/2019 program. In this case of an intermittent connection or some connectivity failures, you might end up seeing this installation program error 0-9.

Internet connection needed Microsoft 365 installation program Error code 0-9 message.

error code 0-9

Background office 365/2021 Installation ran into a problem.

This Back ground installation causes when your Office 365/2019 installation program related files are corrupted. If it is required to repair your Office installation program Error code 0-9. In addition, we need to check for malware or virus-related issues on your system.

background installation ran into a-problem

Unable to start Office 365/2019 installation program: –

Office 365/2021 installation programs are used in the services from the Windows operating system to start and function correctly. There are so many dependencies with system files and their office services. In case of any failure in such a system service or the system files, there are chances that your office installation program code 0-9 may not start correctly. It is required to find and fix the Windows services to make sure office services are functioning correctly.

Take support from Online experts regarding any unresolved office issues on your computer. for more information chat with our experts.

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