Best Ways to Solve Office Installation Error

Office 365 is the latest subscription-based version for using productive Apps like Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.  The Installation and Activation procedure of Office program is discussed in detail in this article.

We can buy computers with or without Office products depending on the choice of the users. In most of the cases, branded computers provide you a trial version of Office. Users may perceive when their products expire. The unlicensed product is the most annoying message with the new computers though the user spends a lot of money without knowing that. They actually have not purchased an Office license.

Solutions for Office Installation Error on Windows and Mac Systems:

Office license key is important to activate the product. Without a license key, you will not be able to activate the product. In Office 365, the purchased products are linked to the Microsoft account. If you would like to renew or download the products, they can be done through online account at

There are chances of seeing Office Installation errors when there is a duplicate program pre-installed on your computer or if there are some corrupted programs. If you have not removed the office program completely, you will see error code while performing the office installation.

The main cause for this kind of error codes are non-removal of old office programs completely from the computers. If you fail to delete the old office programs from the registry or if there are any sort of folders left under the installed program files. This will turn out to be an error code. The error messages are explained clearly when something goes wrong. If you are able to get these old products removed completely and re-install the Office products, it will work perfectly for you.

Office installation related support is provided through our experts who can diagnose the error codes, networks and ensure the most compatible versions of office are installed and activated.

Common Steps to Check When You See an Unlicensed Message with an Office Program:

Check the system date and time by making sure your computer is set to the local time zone from where you are working. If the updates are getting installed, the date should match to get the right files to get installed.

Perform a quick repair and an online repair for an office program.

Check The Steps to Access the Office Installation Through the Following Steps: –

  1. For Windows 10, right-click on start and search for Programs and Features.Choose the Office program and select it to change to perform a quick or online repair.Online repair is chosen in case if your internet is fast as this process replaces all the program files from your computer. Quick repair is performed if your internet is slow or if you would like to check it faster.

    Office products can be used on all Windows and Mac computers and is the only reason it is widely used by the users. Most of the users prefers the latest office versions.

Office Program Can Be Installed Using the Following Steps: –

  1. If You have a product key, click the following link the above page and type in the key and click continue to install the product.If you have previously purchased product from Microsoft portal, visit to access the product and install it.

Office Installation Requires the Following System Requirements:

The latest office products need at least 2GB RAM, and 4GB Hard disk free space with at least 2 Mbps internet connectivity speed.

Office installation starts when you run the setup file and it takes about 40 minutes of time depending on your internet speed to complete the installation. If you get any error, try to clean the old files before you start it again.

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