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Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 installation Error code 0x80071AB1

Many Windows 11 users encounter Error code 0x80071AB1 when trying to download and install a pending Windows update.

This error generally pops up due to the common WU issues and concerns and sometimes automatically gets fixed with a system reboot

Methods to Fix the Error Code 0x80071AB1 in Windows 11​

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

To resolve this error code,

  1. Firstly, click on the Start button and then select the settings option
  2. Next, click on the System button in the left pane and go to troubleshoot option in the right pane
  3. After that, click on Other Troubleshooter option

    Finally, select Window Update option and Run the troubleshooter

Run System File Checker (SFC) Scan

1. Firstly, open Command Prompt and click on Run as Administrator

2. Next, in the CMD window, enter the command sfc/scannow and press Enter

3. Finally, once the scan is complete restart your system

Run Windows Update service for Windows Error Code 0x80071AB1

1. First, open the Run app, type services.msc and click on the OK button.

2. Secondly, open the Services app.

3. Now, open Windows Update service and double-click on it launch the Properties.

4. After that, click on the Startup type dropdown menu, and select Automatic from the list of options.

5. Here, if the service isn’t running, click on the Start button under Service status,

6. Also wait for it to run, and click on OK to save the changes.

7. Finally, restart the system and check if the 0x80071AB1 error is resolved.

Reasons for the Error Code 0x80071AB1 in Windows 11

Error Code 0x80071AB1 typically occurs during the Windows Update process. It is often associated with failed updates or the inability to install specific patches. The error message might read, “Windows could not search for new updates” or “An unknown error occurred.” To effectively address this issue, it’s essential to understand the possible causes behind Error Code 800F081F. 

windows 11 update

Solutions to Fix Windows Error Code 0x80071AB1 :

This Windows Error encounters 0x80071AB1 can be a frustating issue while downlaoding or installing windows updation server . Follow the given below troubleshooting steps to solve this windows Error 

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter:

Start by running the built-in Windows Update Troubleshooter. This tool can automatically identify and fix common issues affecting the update process. To run it, go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Additional troubleshooters > Windows Update. 

Run Windows troubleshoot

Clear Windows Update Cache:

The Windows Update cache might be corrupted, causing Error Code 800F081F. Clear the cache by stopping the Windows Update service (services.msc), navigating to the Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder, and deleting its contents. Then, restart the Windows Update service. 

Check Disk Space:

Verify that your system has enough free disk space for the updates. You can do this by going to File Explorer, right-clicking on the system drive (usually C:), selecting Properties, and checking the available space. 

Use the System File Checker (SFC):

Run the System File Checker tool to scan and repair corrupted system files. 

1. Open Command Prompt as an administrator 

2. Type and run the command SFC/SCANNOW

3. Allow the process to complete. 

4. If any issues are found, the tool will attempt to fix them. 


Perform a Clean Boot:

Boot your system in a clean state to eliminate potential conflicts with third-party applications. To do this, 

1. Open the System Configuration tool (msconfig), 

2. Go to the Services tab, 

3. Check “Hide all Microsoft services,” 

4. Click “Disable all.” 

5. Restart your computer and attempt the update. 

Disable Third-Party Antivirus Software:

Temporarily disable any third-party antivirus or security software and attempt the update installation again. Sometimes, these applications can interfere with the Windows Update process.


At last, if you are still not able to resolve this issue Error Code 0x80071AB1 . I am sure they will help you resolve this issue. If you like to see the procedure for paid support, to clarify, you may ask the Tech Available online.

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