Fix Error code 3-4 Found When Installing Office 365/2021/2019 Update

Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 installation error code 3-4 encountered that many users were having trouble repairing or installing office programs on their Windows and Mac computers. The major issues pops up due to Office licensing, Windows updates, insufficient system resources like disk space, Internet connectivity, etc. In this article it gives solutions for different kinds of office issues related to office 2021/2019 error code 3-4.

Microsoft Office 365/2021/2019 Error Code 3-4 gives error messages

Something went wrong Error code 3-4 Go online for additional help.

The office is Busy, there is a problem starting of Office 365/2019/2021 program Installation.

We are sorry, but we are unable to start office installation program.

We are sorry, but we can’t verify the signature of files required to install office 365/2021/2019 product.

Internet connection needed. Office 365 installation error code 3-4

Background installation ran into a problem.

Something went wrong with Error codes 3-4 Go online for more information

When you are starting an Office application, you receive an error stating that “Something went wrong”. If operating system is not able to add or remove the products requested, It requests you to verify the file’s signature and install office 365 products. Usually, it returns error code series 300XX, or 1xxx series depends on cause of the related issue.

The office is Busy, There is an issue while initiating the Office 365/2021 program Installation

Error “Office is busy” pops up when you try to open any office 365/2021/2019 program like word, excel, PowerPoint etc, and office is already in progress. A message shows that “we are updating you to add or remove some programs”.

We are sorry, but we are unable to start your office 365 installation program

This program is common Microsoft office 365/2021 installation program error 3-4 in Windows operating system that is caused due to the failure services of a program. Windows Installer services are found to be not working, they cannot install an Office 365/2021 product.

Sorry installation cannot continue as no compatible office 365/2021 products are detected

Windows displays a message showing that your system ran into a problem, and it needs to restart system. A Microsoft Windows Operating system is announced in various bit of versions depending on the hardware architecture such as 32 and 64. It is necessary to install similar versions of Office that suitable for Windows.

We are sorry, but we can’t verify the signature of the files

An Office 365 is a product package available in different various forms such as a disc or click-to-run. In case of disc failure, you might see error message We are Sorry, But We Can’t Verify the Signature error message which says that signatures of the files is required to installation to the office 2021 product.

An Internet connection is needed to fix the office 365/2021 Error code 3-4

This error message happens due to internet problems when performs an online repair for your office 365/2021 product. You can do a quick offline repair. And also, installation needs an proper internet connectivity

The new Office 365 suite comes with click-to-run feature that has a short setup file that will start Microsoft 365 installation. Due to intermittent connection or connectivity failures, you will see Microsoft office 365/2021/2019 installation error code 3-4.

Background Installation ran into a problem

Background installation pops up when Office 365 program-related files are corrupted. It is necessary to repair Office applications. And also a malware and or virus related issues can be checked in PCs

Unable to start Office 2021/2019 installation program

The message shows that official program has been stopped by your Windows. This should be scanned using Windows system files. This also shows that Office-relevant files are missing from Program folders. It has been encountered with any kind of the clean-up programs, and system restores will help you to fix the issues.

Check your computer to fix Microsoft office 365 program error code 3-4

An event viewer is log of every action on your computer that records all events. This Windows built-in feature that provides all information for the problem-causing keys. They are caused due to failure of the Windows-related services and it’s executable file is unable to read the necessary files when installing Office 365/2021/2019.

Check List Before you fix office Error code 3-4

Pending updates

Windows updates are released in the Windows Operating system including the update security patches. Since the inception of Microsoft Windows. These pending updates are necessary for any Windows Application when getting a software issue with other applications.

Malicious Software removal

Malware is malignant software that is not authorized by Microsoft or known to steal any user information. It should be removed from a system and Windows defender or any authorized third-party applications.

Disc clean-up

Disk clean-up is a process of deleting temporary files, junk files, from a particular drive. It involves the deletion of setup Log files which were remaining after the installation of:

Windows Operating system

Downloaded program files

Temporary internet files

Offline pages

System queued and archived windows error logs

Delivery optimization files

  • Recycle bin and thumbnails

Watch the video for a disc-cleanup tutorial

System File Scan (SFC) to fix the office program Error code 3-4

  1. To Run a system file scan the windows operating system

    First Open a command prompt (CMD) in administrator mode and then Run command SFC/SCANNOW

    SFC Scan 

    If you see any file violations still exists after scan then move to the Event viewer to check what has been caused by the office 365 program installation error 3-4 .

error code 3-4

If you see any file violations still exist after the scan then move to Event viewer to check what has caused the office 365/2021 installation error code 3-4. Watch the video to learn how to implement an SFC SCAN to fix office 2019/365 program error code 3-4.

How to use Event viewer and to check office error logs?

Initially, it is necessary to know how an event viewer functions. Event viewer is a built-in trademark of the Windows Operating system to register the logs of the applications. For example, if any errors on any application fail, the event viewer will help to open and check the event logs. These logs will display the failure reasons and also show the problematic errors.

Click to start button and open Run command prompt window.

To open Event viewer logs, type “EVENT VIEWER” command and then press enter.

error code 3-4

And tap double to “windows log” and then select to the “Applications “

Many logs are visible in the Centre panel. Filter the logs and check office-related problems and warnings by selecting Filter current log option.

Finds critical error logs that cause an office 365/2019 program error code 3-4. If there are no reasons for these issues to be found, then perform a clean office 365/2021 installation.

Methods to Fix the Office 365/2021 installation Error Codes 3-4

Firstly, click on a start button

Secondly, open the Run command prompt and type “EVENT VIEWER” and press enter key to open Event viewer logs

  • error code 3-4
  • Then, double-click on “windows logs” and select “application
  • error code 3-4

To know office-related issues and warnings, select the Filter current log option. Consequently, if you cannot find any reasons for this problem then perform a clean office 2021 program installation.

Repair/Uninstall the Microsoft office 365/2021/2019 program

The following procedure shows you that how to uninstall Office 2016 or 2013 products on your system. For other new versions of Office and try to uninstall Microsoft Office 365 program by using of Control Panel. If that does not work, use this to easily fix the tool or try uninstalling Office manually.

If the Microsoft Office 365 program error code 3-4 still exists, then try the advanced registry fix

Installing Office 2016 or 2013 products on a computer

For Windows 10

Firstly, go to the control panel, select Programs and features and search for Microsoft Office 365 products and click on Change

After that, a window will open displaying Add, Repair, and Remove options

Finally, proceed with the repair and wait for sometime

Simultaneously, to uninstall follow the first 4 steps of the repair process, and choose to Remove instead of repair.

Installing Office 365/2021 Product

Once you complete the uninstallation, perform a clean office 2021 program installation.

Firstly, log in to your Microsoft office account at

Next, check the dashboard and see the office 365 product you purchased

After that, select the “Install Office “ option and then let it download, (you may see click Save, Run, Setup, or Save File depending on the browser type, select “save” for future purposes)

Finally, go to downloads and double-click on the office setup file to install

Fix the Windows Registry for the office 365 installation Error code 3-4

Registry in Windows displays the structure of Windows Operating system and its internal programs. The Hex codes inside the registry will change due to unnecessary programs. To fix this installation error 3-4 in office 365/2010/2016/2019/2021 and deletes the modified Office Registry keys or remove and re-creates the keys with older values.

In Conclusion,

If you are still not able to resolve this Microsoft office 365/2021 program error 3-4, we suggest you chat with our assured experts. I am sure you will get the perfect solution to resolve this error 3-4 completely. Also, go to our website for more detailed information.


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