[Fixed] Solutions for Unlicensed Product Issues

While using Office you will get Unlicensed Product error messages as issues. We are giving the best ways to get rid of along with FAQ’s.

FAQ’s Office Unlicensed Product

What if you see a word product shows unlicensed?

Unlicensed messages on office products like word or excel and outlook appear when they are not activated on your computer. If you have purchased a product online you can follow the below steps to install office program first on your computer.

How to install office program?

Product keys purchased online requires download from the setup portal of office accounts. When you click the setup button on the page, it downloads a setup file.

The setup file is available in two variants, one is for x86 machines and the other one is for x64 and this shows the platform of your windows bit versions like 32 bit or 64 bit.

The products once installed requests the users to login to the valid account to activate the program.

If the account used for the activation is not the same one used to download the program, that shows unlicensed product related message on the top of word program.

If the product shows unlicensed message, this can only open the file in read only format. The unlicensed word program or the read only files do not allow you to edit or save the files.

How system time affects your Office unlicensed messages?

These office unlicensed message can also appear if the system time mismatches.

The system time should set to the local time zones where the users want to activate the products. These are minor issues that could happen when the system tries to contact the activation server. The server refuses if the system time found out of local time zone.

What is a CMOS Battery and how it changes your system time?

If the system time fails to work right on old machines, then there are reasons like the CMOS battery chance is required. This is common with old devices and the CMOS battery is on the motherboard. It registers the system date and time. Since the battery matters to correct the time, you may see the unlicensed error message if this goes wrong.

Troubleshoot Office unlicensed error messages:

The first thing to check is your system time when you troubleshoot product Unlicensed messages . First thing to note is if your computer set to a local time zone where you are now. Any changes to the time zone results in unlicensed product message on office documents.

How office updates fixed Unlicensed Product error messages?

If you still see an unlicensed error message, try to update office programs. Make sure to install all the updates. Office program updates.

In Conclusion,

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