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Microsoft Outlook mail is basically a Mailing program. It is a commercial version of the products launched by Microsoft and has many premium features to manage contacts, calendars, and tasks. Microsoft Outlook mail is available in all versions apart from Home and Student.  Outlook program allows the user to configure their email offline so that they can view it without the Internet and can compose and draft the emails when there is no network.

Outlook mail not working

This will also help the users to organize their emails with the subject, sender, and attachments.

Frequently questions with the Outlook program are that the users say “Outlook mail not working”.

This is just a generic term where the user has not defined or explained the issue in detail. To get more information on how to use the Outlook program, you can refer here.

How to use Outlook Program?

Outlook programs can be configured for various email providers. The settings are basically of three types.

  1. Exchange

The exchange mail server helps the users to use the emails in real-time. If you want to use exchange emails, this has to be a premium email subscription with a business domain on Microsoft servers.

POP/IMAP are another two types which can search and store the emails on the mail folders until the users modify them. Pop is a default choice for many users who uses single devices to check emails.

IMAP protocol will let the users configure the same email on multiple devices and will apply the changes from all the devices concurrently. IMAP is chosen if the users wish to modify the settings when they make from a Phone or any other device.


Outlook Program

Outlook program is available in standalone and as a part of an office suite. This mailing software is installed with the name Outlook and will get stored in Office folders in program files. The office suite is more powerful and secured to use. This will always connect your webmail to the system program. So that the users can simply access all the webmail on their computers directly.

Let us discuss a few errors the users might face on Outlook programs.

Is Outlook mail, not opening?

Outlook mail program cannot open if there are any faulty third-party applications or due to the recent unknown changes with the computers. Usually, the faulty programs get added as admins. Most of the cases, they might be incompatibly adding. Some of the known programs that are faulty and can cause problems with Outlook are utilities and scan-to-pdf older versions.

Outlook mail programs also fail to work if the configures the mailing folders are corrupt.  The mail folders are two types, namely OST and PST. OST configures emails with the online mail account which is configured with IMAP.

PST is personal folders that are create by the users manually to organize and store the emails. Any corrupt mail folder issues can be fixed by scamps’ programs.

Other cases reported when Outlook not working:-

The primary point to check with Outlook is the settings on Outlook. If the computer abruptly restarts or stops working, there are chances of losing the settings. It has to be corrected manually by checking the settings given by the service providers.


There are other cases where the email service provider has some restrictions with the applications being used for the Mailing program. If you can request the support provided on chat, we can check the settings and fix them for you.

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