How to Install Microsoft Office | Solutions for Issues While Installing

Install Microsoft Office for your Windows Computers and Mac machines. We have the latest versions available for both Windows and MAC. If you need a full time license which can be activate for life time and is available as a one-off payment, the available versions are Office 2019, Office 2016 .

 If you would like to have the latest versions ongoing and you are interested to pay a recurring fee for life long, then you can use Office 365.


How to Install Microsoft Office Windows and Mac:

To install Microsoft Office you need to have a product key and a Microsoft Account. If you buy the product key from a retailer. You may get a scratch card on which you can find the product key embed. To install this.

You just have to open “” page and type in your product key and continue with the installation.

Office product key is 25 character long. It can be enter on portal to continue to download the setup file. After the download, you can start running the installation wizard.

Microsoft Office Install Errors are Discussed in the Following Article:

If you face any issues to install Microsoft Office please follow bellow solution for instance. You have to troubleshoot by uninstalling the old office programs if found any and then start with a new installation.

There are chances to get unlicensed office errors if you have already used the product key on any other device

To Clarify Office Unlicensed Reasons are Many and Very Few are Like.

  • Time and Date are Wrong
  • Wrong Product Key
  • Already Used Product Key
  • Wrong Password
  • Wrong Version of office installed on the computers.

Finally, Install Microsoft Office once you download the ISO file to get it done faster without the internet. Microsoft Office installation requires a good internet and a clean C drive with sufficient space prescribed to do without errors.


Technical Support

In Conclusion, to get any help with the installation of Microsoft Office, you can ask our techs here who are available on chat.

As a result, for quicker Assistance, related to Install Office Errors, feel free to reach our Technicians, who are available on chat to solve your queries and get these issues solved on your computers.