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Microsoft office Error Code 30125-1007

There are numerous reasons that could cause the office 365/2021/2019 Error code 30125-1007 (12007) and error 30125 office, 30125 , Error 12007-4. For instance, it happens because of the framework records debasement.

Causes for Office 365/2021 Installation Error 30125-1007:

  • Antivirus programming or firewall may be obstructing the Office suite.
  • Intermittent internet connection can break the communication path.
  • Incomplete removal of previous Office suite causes installation Error code 30125-1007 (12007).
  • Pre-existing office program files are causing issues to the new office program installation.

Steps to fix error code 30125-1007: 

  1. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  2. Click on Programs and Features.
  3. After that, select the Office program that you need to fix.
  4. Right-click Click Change to uninstall or repair.

Solutions to Fix Error code 30125-1007:

Repair Office app:

You can find Quick Repair and online Repair options. Similarly, you can try to quick repair to see if it fixes the Error code 30125-1007 (12007). If it fails, you can select Online Repair. 


Note: For instance, if Office repair didn’t fix Error 30125 evacuate and reinstall the Office Suite to fix Error code 30125-1007 (12007).

Steps to Remove Office:

Error 30125-1007 (12007) continues even subsequent to running Office fix apparatus, uninstall Office from your PC.


  • Open Control Panel utilizing Start
  • Click on of Office programs and select Programs and Features.
  • Select Office Suite and snap- on Remove.

Steps to Evacuate Office Physically to Fix the Error Code 30125-1007 (12007):

In addition, if the  Office 365/2021 installation Error code 30125-1007 (12007) is re-happening when you try to uninstall the Office program, use the following steps:


  • Remove the office from the registry
  • Delete office from program folders
  • Use Task Manager to end the Click-to-Run assignments

Download and Introduce Office:

  • Sign in to your My Account page utilizing the connection
  • Pick Install.
  • Snap Run or the proportional relying upon the program you’re utilizing.
  • At the point when you see “You’re ready”, click All done.

Related Issues to Error Code 30125 in Office 365/2021/2019:

Above all, we have more reasons that could cause the office 365/2021/2019 error code 30125-1007.  Few of them are given below:


  1. Insufficient system resources that may require for office program installation.
  2. your internet connection is blocking out of office networks.
  3. low wifi signal range
  4. In addition, you may have a proxy connection on your internet.

Similarly, you can try on any other computer on the same network to make sure it works. After that, you can see if the other connection works with your first computer. In addition, you can also try to change the IP address to check if that helps your process.


After that, try to install office and see if it works. Similarly, you can also try to update your office program. In addition, you can ask the techs on chat for help and assistance.


If the Office 365/2021 error code 30125-1007 disappears on a different connection, then you can conclude the issue is with the internet

Take support from Online experts regarding any unresolved issues on your computer. As a result, chat with our Technician to fix your computer issues Now!

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