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The Plans for support are required by few to know the pricing schedule in advance.

We are optimistic in terms of our services and hereby sharing you the details.

Starts from $30 upto $99.99Starts from $99.99 to $149.99Starts from $149.99 upto $299.99
It all depends on the issue type. Our technical support team will diagnose the issue and suggest if the issue can be fixed in single incident. The single incident comes with 24hrs guaranteed support. Our team will render the complete service related to your operational issues and can assist you quickly with the issue.Depeneding on the number of computers, the pricing will vary. It includes the one time support as well as the new issue supprot upto 30days on multiple devices.We render our support to multiple devices. The single device support and extended singel incident support to another device and multiple incidents covered in this annual plan, good for 365 days unlimited plan.

Need a quick support for the issue fix:

One time service charge will start from $30 to $99 depending on the time we spend on your computers.

$99 is proposed only to satisfy ones inner mind to create a feel that they are not spending a big money for an old computer. $30 is fixed as a nominal start price considering the time and energy we need to put on your computers and the ways we explain might take few mins to an hour and the finances that are involved for our internet and tools and the maintenance costs. However if the issues are minor, we are good to support between $5 to $30.

What is the reason for a paid support on a paid product?

There is no technical support company who can provide a free assistance. If the company claims that they do, it is to sell their product. But the first time setup and assistance can be always free from some reputed software companies.

There will be ongoing support needed to use the products on some situations. Some of these situations are when you change your computers, places, disasters, thunderstorms and electrification failures.

Microsoft Chat Support

Sit and get your help on time.

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