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office error code 30089-4

Troubleshoot installing Office 2016 and Office 2013 and Office 365 causing Office error code 30089-4

Do you get an error code 30089-4 while Installing or repairing Office?

Please check if you have any pre-installed Office programs on your computer or if there was any old Office program which is not working?

If yes, please try to uninstall the Office program already existing on your computer. If you find any existing Office, make sure that was not giving you the same error code 30089-4.

In case if you are getting the same Office error code 30089-4 , please uninstall it and remove from program and features. Also make sure to remove Office on your programs folders.

Error code 30089-4 can be due to these temporary files on your computer or some third party adding programs. 

What is error code 30089-4 ?

If you are getting this error code 30089-4 while repairing your Office program, try to remove and reinstall Office.

In order to repair the Office program, you can try to click on start and select control panel, click to open programs and features – uninstall a program. Then select the program and click on change and perform a quick repair or an online repair.

As this quick repair needs to be executed when you have no internet on the affected computer.  

The Online repair needs to be implemented on a computer which can be connected online.

If you are technically good enough to handle these error codes with office like 30089-4 , we would recommend you to check the log files which gets created during a failed installation. For repair failure logs, you can still check them under Programs folders.

Frequent messages that appears with the following error code 30089-4 are

install error, repair office,
unable to open word,
Office 365 won’t open,
Error message while uninstalling,
error message while installing,
error message while opening office,
word not responding,
excel not responding,
unable to open excel,
flashes and closes the office program,
installing office stuck at 78%,
installing office stuck at 87%,
Office 365 Something went wrong,
office error something went wrong,
Unable to launch Office applications,
office wont load,
I keep getting an error when trying to install office,
we ran into a problem while looking for updates,
Access denied to Installation Source,
We couldn’t start installation another installation is in progress please try again later,
we ran into a problem,
Go online for additional help
Unable to open Office 365 applications,
office showing unlicensed,
unable to send or receive emails,
unable to activate office,
Slow download speed,
office installation hangs at,

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