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Live Support

Live Support services are provided through this page. We provide direct remote assistance for our premium customers when they request us for support. A service involves many efforts and financial investments to buy the tools and provide the support to resolve the customer issues. Hence there would be nominal fee applicable for this live support assistance.

Live Support means the solution that we provide on the customers front while making our clients to understand the issue causes and effects. Before opting for Live Support, it is always recommended to close all your personal files and folders which are private. We always treat the customer’s computer as his or her private property and will not indulge in it’s nasty behavior without the confirmation of the user.

Live Support Online Chat provides the assistance for various product related issues. We are not involved in any direct contract with the product vendors shown in our website directly or indirectly. There may be a direct Live Support provided by the respective product manufacturers. However this service is an easy and effortless support. Advantages in opting for this live support are you need to just inform the issue and not required to explain the issues in detail. Once you allow an engineer to check your computer, we will do more research and can resolve the issues in less time compared to you fixing it alone.

A support rendered by any third party company seems like a conspiracy but there are companies like us who provide genuine support. You can always check the feedbacks to opt us. You can also talk and sort out if you have any doubts on any such kind of process. We do provide the live support with all our technical knowledge and experience. We also have our team who got certified by the product manufacturers in all their product training sessions. We are artistic in our field and provide an excellent solutions with an in depth explanation required by an user.

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