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“Error 800f081e” Description: When you receive script errors (error-800f081e not found), webpages may not be displayed or work correctly in Internet Explorer. The script errors may have various causes. When a script error on a page occurs in Internet Explorer, you may receive error messages like error 800f081e  that resemble the following:

Problems with this Web page might prevent it from being displayed properly or functioning properly. In the future, you can display this message by double-clicking the warning icon displayed in the status bar.

Solution for error -800f081e:

Step 1: Make sure that script errors(errors on the page) occur on multiple web pages:  

If the only sign of this problem is the error message, and if the websites are working, you can probably ignore the error. Also, if the problem occurs on one or two web pages, the problem may be caused by those pages. If you decide to ignore the errors, you can disable script debugging.

Note If this problem occurs on more than one or two sites, do not disable script debugging

Step 2: Make sure that the problem is caused by files or settings on your computer:

To narrow down the source of the problem, use another user account, another browser, or another computer to view the webpages that triggered the script error.   If the script error does not occur when you view the webpage through another user account, in another browser, or on another computer, the problem may be caused by files or settings on your computer. In this situation, follow the methods in this article to resolve this problem:

After you complete each method, try to open a webpage on which you previously received a scripting error. If you do not receive the error, the problem is resolved.

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If not please follow the steps

1: Verify that Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java are not being blocked by Internet Explorer

2: Remove all temporary Internet files

3: Install the latest service pack and software updates for Internet Explorer.

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