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Windows 10 Updates 2018-Live Support

 Latest Windows 10 updates : Windows  1809: 3 ways in which to put in the Oct update (windows 10 updates): Should we tend to hop on the last major update of Windows? And if you want, what are the suggests that offered by Microsoft to transfer and install the update?Since Oct three Microsoft has created… Read More »

OSX Mavericks: Some Scrolling Gestures Don’t Work.

 OSX Mavericks: Some Scrolling Gestures Don’t Work: If you try a two-finger swipe gesture you may not be able to to scroll using the trackpad in Chrome. As a workaround you can disable the Swipe between pages trackpad gesture: On your Mac go to “System Preferences”. Click Trackpad. Click More Gestures. Un check the box next to… Read More »

Font from old version of excel is no longer available in excel 2011, so all my documents open blank

  this is a bug, but it won’t be fixed for a while, so you need to work around it. Word will be treacle-in-winter slow (or may freeze or hang completely on startup) if you have duplicate font names. To resolve, Close Word. Start Apple’s Font Book. Run the command “Select Duplicated Fonts” from the Edit… Read More »